Where the Shadow Catches You


A collaborative show with nathaniel benjamin.


The animals I create with fabric and ink walk the line between distorted but pigmented memories I am bringing back to life, and omens signaling some gruesome holy message. They often come in shadowy forms, with bloated tongues and bodies that flee from unknown predators. I reenact stories of when I was small and watched animals live and die in the turmoil of a dysfunctional household. The death that occurred in familiar ways but also in strange grotesque accidents hold deeply powerful metaphors. As the animals cower, run, and hide with all the dark weight of memory, they also fight, snarl at and protest the defining forces of trauma, neglect and submission.

39359009871_c2c898c137_z (1).jpg

Bag With Unknown Contents I

Handsewn grey linen garbage bag, ceramic animal parts, india ink, rope.

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Where the Shadow Catches You

Hand-sewn linen dog house, with portal to a nightmare located at the end, ceramic snout and ink. 


Final Resting Place

Hand-sewn linen tapestry hung by rope, fly painted by Nathaniel Benjamin with acrylic and india ink.